Club Chair

New Club Chair

Have you got a vision for where the Club should be? We need a committed Chair who knows our sport and wants to lead the Club onwards and upwards by leading Club planning, developments and events.

The Club is entering an exciting time in its history. We are having a spectator stand and club house built alongside a refurbished track. Our aim is to see BMHAC forging ahead as a Club, with its increasing team of high quality coaches and officials, helping successful and happy athletes achieve their potential.

Our new Chair will, ideally, be a good listener, team player, committed and knowledgeable about athletics and have been a member of the Club for around two years.

If it seems like a big step to take, you could consider becoming Vice Chair alongside Leigh Henderson (currently Acting Chair and Coaching Co-ordinator) for a specified length of time to suit you, until you feel ready to take over the reins.

Before deciding, why not have a chat with Leigh or any other Committee member and attend one or more Committee meetings?

Contact Leigh at or anyone else via the website