Wessex League & Quadkids

The League

24 teams from across the South and South West compete in the Wessex League. There are 4 rounds of matches, with each round made up of 4 different fixtures containing 6 teams.

The competition is open to all athletes in the U13, U15 and U17 age groups, with points awarded to two scorers (“A” and “B”) in each event in each age group. Consequently many points can be won by fielding full teams.
Points in each fixture earn match points which accrue over the season to determine the overall winner.


Teams have to be submitted prior to each fixture, so team mangers usually mail all athletes a week or two beforehand to arrange the teams. If you wish to be included in these messages please ensure you contact the appropriate team manager to be added to their distribution list.

In addition to the scorers there are a few places available at each match for non-scorers. Invariably demand exceeds supply so team managers tend to rotate non-scorers so that everyone gets a chance to compete. Changes can be made on the day, but we try to keep these to a minimum.

2023 Team Managers:

U13, U15 boys & U17 Men – Rohan Chaffey and Matt Edwards
U13, U15 girls & U17 women – Donna Mulholland

Under 11 Quadkids (school years 4 & 5)

Alongside the older age groups, there is also a competition for the under 11s. Each club can put forward 20 athletes (10 boys, 10 girls) to take part in 4 fixed disciplines: 75m, 600m , Long Jump, Howler throw.

Points are scored by each individual depending on performance in each event, with the leading 4 scorers counting towards the team’s total. The team with the highest overall tally from its four leading athletes win the event.

In general the event is a taster of competition for young athletes starting out in athletics. Once again we are fortunate that at BMHAC we have more athletes than spaces available. We tend to operate a policy of taking more in the older age group (finishing year 5) but do try to give everyone a chance to compete over the summer.

Quadkids Team Manager 2024
Cheryll Ragan

The 2024 Fixtures 

Sunday 28th April – Basingstoke
Sunday 2nd June – Winchester
Sunday 30th June – Swindon
Sunday 21st July – Abingdon

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