Covid guidelines 10/09/20

With the Government announcement that groups of larger than 6 are against the law from Monday, it is possible that we may get a few raised eyebrows in the next few weeks from members of the public that see us training at Down Grange and/or other venues on Tuesday or Thursday evenings in bigger numbers.

Given the encouraging numbers returning to training, its is inevitable that some members of the public may not fully understand the new rules and may feel concerned. It might be difficult to explain to everyone that we are not breaking the rules but here are the salient facts, please spread the word to friends/family should they ask and maybe we can make most people more comfortable:
1) We are following England Athletics guidelines.
2) EA have issued the following this week as a postscript to the new tighter restrictions announced by the Government: “The Government has now confirmed to Sport England that organised sports and activities which have been through ‘return to play’ protocols will be allowed to continue as before.”
3) BMHAC are following the EA protocols in full to create a Covid-secure environment, including mandatory attendee details for track-and-trace purposes, and a pre-screening health assessment of every runner. Also, with the attendance of your coaches, EA instructs that “each coach is able to train 12 people at one time so in a club/running group setting, multiple coaching/training groups can be run if the requisite number of coaches/leaders are present.”

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.