Coaching, individual and group is offered to all club members. A network of coaches and interested parties provide coaching and instruction at all club training nights. The majority of coaches are BAF qualified.

The club recognises the importance of the coaching structure whereby all athletes are able to progress smoothly by having well qualified coaches at all age levels.

Note: All of our coaches are UK Athletics Qualified

*Please note that the old UKA Coaching Courses (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4) were run until April 2010 when they were replaced by a new system structure. Existing Level awards still apply.

NameDisciplineUKA Level/Qualification
Neil BartonSprints/JumpsCoaching Assistant (1)
Peter BoltonSprints/ThrowsAthletics Coach (2)
Jo BreedsMiddle Distance/EnduranceAthletics Coach (2)
Ian ByettMiddle Distance/EnduranceAthletics Coach (4)
Steve CawleyCoaching Assistant (1)
Jez ClarkePre 11sCoaching Assistant (1)
Andy CullenRoad RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
John DavisSprintsAthletics Coach (3)
Rod Finch
Middle Distance/EnduranceAthletics Coach (2)
Liz Flitcroft
Pre 11sAthletics Coach (2)
Jenny Froud
Road RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
Ray Gartland
Road RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
Andy Goddard
Road RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
Ben Hazell
Long Sprints/Throws
Athletics Coach (2)
Kat HazellThrows
Athletics Coach Throws
Lisa Hedderly
SprintsCoaching Assistant (1)
Leigh Henderson
Middle Distance/EnduranceAthletics Coach (2)
Michael Hickey
Road RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
Karen JakesSprintsCoaching Assistant (1)
Rafer JosephMulti EventsAthletics Coach (2)
Steve LadhamsMiddle Distance/EnduranceCoaching Assistant (1)
Steve McAvoy
Road RunningLeader in Running Fitness (1)
Deborah MontgomeryThrowsAthletics Coach (2)
Donna MulhollandMiddle Distance/EnduranceCoaching Assistant (1)
Sue Pett
Junior Beginner (11+) / Disability AthletesAthletics Coach (2)
Don Powell
Road RunningCoach in Running Fitness (2)
Cheryll Ragan
Pre 11sAthletics Coach (2)
Dave Ragan
Middle Distance/EnduranceAthletics Coach (2)
Andy SleapSprints/Hurdles/JumpsAthletics Coach (2)
Aimee SliminThrowsEA Run,Jump,Throw Funetics
Caroline SliminMiddle Distance/EnduranceCoaching Assistant (1)
Terry WeggRoad RunningCoach in Running Fitness (2)
Scott AddingtonThrows
Debbie DavisSprints
Anna O'Neill
Jason Sutton
Julie Yates