British Masters Indoor Championships

Congratulations to our representing Team at this weekend’s British Masters Indoor Championships in Lea Valley, where we achieved 3 British Masters Champion places and picked up a total of 12 medals:

Andy McCrum (M65)
60: 1st (8.60)
LJ: 1st (4.51m)
SP: 2nd (10.37m)

Kim Saha (W45)
PV: 1st (2.13m)
LJ: 2nd (3.68m)
SP: 2nd (6.89m)

Neil Barton (M40)
LJ: 1st (6.29m)
TJ: 1st (12.58m)
200: 7th (25.22)

Andy Waddington (M60)
LJ: 2nd (4.60m)
HJ: 2nd (1.50m)
200: 7th (27.92); 400: 5th (62.08); 800: 9th (2:25.42)

Dave Awde (M40) a BMHAC 2nd claim club member competing for Woking
400: 2nd (53.00)
200: 3rd (24.27)

Rob Tyson (M45)
60: 10th (8.13); LJ: 4th (5.02m)