National XC Championships

English National XC Championships 2018
A bright sunny day (with a cold wind) greeted almost 6,500 athletes from across the country to take part in the 2018 Nationals. 
BMH had 36 representatives so a big thank you and well done to every one of you.
U13 Girls (467 runners) – Sienna Richardson 33rd, Isabelle Law 49th & Poppy Morris
U13 Boys (570 runners) – Guy Stevens, Aidan Leavey, Will Kettle, James Ruth & Jack Hedderly. Team 33rd.
U15 Girls (464 runners) – Iysha Morris 
U15 Boys (504 runners) – Oli Morgan, Josh Kemp, Cameron Coveney, Louis Morris, Oliver Smith & Will Parkinson. Team 20th
U17 Women (276 runners) – Izzy Mannion 27th, Rebecca Poole 44th, Rebecca Bullock & Lauren Liversage, Team 11th.
U17 Men (356 runners) – Jack Hempstead & Harrison Morgan.
U20 Women (146 runners) – Maddie Deadman 34th & Macy Watson.
U20 Men (220 runners) – Alex Bigg
Senior Women (1,113 runners) – Charlotte Chalwin (78th), Cat Coveney (V40).
Senior Men (2,328 runners) – Dave Ragan, Rob Wood, Alex Hamilton (V40), Jusytn Moore, Ashley Cox, Chris Elmer, Martin Broderick, Terry Wegg (V50), Michael Hickey (V50) & Tim Fowler (V60), Team 45th.

Full results here