Pamber Forest XC Race

The club under the expert guidance of Tim Fowler, put on the opening SCCL fixture on Sunday 28th October at Pamber Forest.
We had a record 519 runners and we received lots of positive feedback.

A race like Pamber Forest could not succeed without the army of volunteers, so in no particular order thanks to:
– All the race marshals that contributed their Sunday morning to stand in the cold in the middle of a forest.
– The results team of John & Alex Bigg.
– The kitchen staff, especially Pachi Lopez, Kath Fowler and Mitch Lloyd plus all the ‘tidy up’ team afterwards.
– Sausage King, Russell Burton, cooker of 440 sausages from 6:30am
– Parking marshals that were working from 8:30am onwards
– Race referee and finish tokens – Ken and Wendy Littlejohn.
– Course-marking team: Tim Fowler, Steve McAvoy & Steve Jeffery
– Course Recce and team captain, Rob Wood
– All our runners who were cake bakers, over 30 of you!

There were also 64 runners, ensuring a win for BMH overall, with the Ladies triumphant, the men in second place.

Club finishers are here